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Sydney Water Damage Carpet Cleaning That You Can Trust

If you are looking for a quality Sydney carpet cleaning service that you can trust, look no further than Best Carpet Cleaning. We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs, and our experienced and certified technicians will work diligently to ensure that your carpets are clean and fresh. We use the latest technology and equipment to get the job done right, and we always strive to provide outstanding customer service. Discover many of the reasons our clients maintain trusting our carpet cleaning work in Sydney, New South Wales, and surrounding areas:
Our transparent pricing and upfront costs give you the peace of mind of knowing you will pay only what we quoted initially.
Always on time, trusted, friendly, and dependable!
Absolute professionalism makes us fastidious about treating our clients' homes and families as we do our own. We go well beyond their expectations.

Let's Discuss About Water Damage Carpet Cleaning

No guesswork here. We have provided a detailed description of the procedure of our carpet cleaning process, so you know what to expect.

Water Damaged Carpet: Basic  Facts and Tips 

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Homeowners usually buy a carpet for its aesthetic value which makes a home look elegant and clean. However, when water damage strikes your carpet, it can be untidy, smelly, and even harmful to your family. Anyone can be a  victim of this stressful event. Keep reading to learn more about water damaged carpets as well as ways how to prevent further problems in the future. 

Reasons Why Damage to Your Carpets Can  Occur 

It is very important to at least have the basic knowledge on how to clean a  water-damaged carpet. But depending on the severity of the damage to your carpet, hiring a professional carpet cleaner may be considered. Your carpet  might be damaged due to the following reasons: 

• Water seepage and leakage problems 

• Pet or infant/ toddler urine 

• Spillage of any beverages

Cleaning Your Water Damaged Carpet 

Ignoring your water-damaged carpets could also pose health risks to you and your family. The moisture from the carpet encourages bacteria, mildew, and mould growth. This can cause respiratory and allergy issues. Prevent water damaged carpet from becoming a health risk and big expense. Read the following practical tips in an attempt to repair your carpet from water damage. 

1. Identify the Source 

Figure out the source of water first before attempting to dry the carpeting. The water that caused water damage has to be from a clean source which is called category 1 water. This is usually from rain, broken pipes, or supply lines. It’s usually dangerous to keep the carpet with any other water because of harmful contaminants. With this, you need to call a water damage expert. 

2. Check furniture 

Inspect thoroughly your home if you suspect water damage. Protect your furniture by getting rid of them from wet flooring. The dye from furniture can seep into the carpets and the water from your carpets can also damage the furniture. 

3. Remove Excess Water 

To prevent mould and mildew, dry out the water-damaged carpet and padding as quickly as possible. Ensure that there is plenty of ventilation for your carpet. Use fans, dehumidifiers, and wet/dry water vacuums. If you don’t own these tools, you can rent them to suction up the excess water. 

4. Clean the Water Damaged Carpeting 

For safety, carpet cleaning is important especially when it comes to water damage. But before cleaning your carpet, make sure to know the type of materials there are in your carpet. This will determine the type of carpet cleaning acceptable for the carpet you have. 

To ensure sanitisation and for deep cleaning, a steam clean carpet is one of the best methods. Steam clean to deodorise and sanitise your carpets properly. In addition, water-damaged carpet padding must be changed. This is much less expensive than re-carpeting the entire home.

When a flood enters your  

home, ensure you’re and  

your family’s safety first.  

Take every precaution  

necessary so your home  

stays free from danger such as mould and mildew. 

Just a Few Gentle Reminders 

• Assess the source of the damage. 

• Dry all of your water-damaged carpeting immediately. 

• Clean and sanitise the carpets thoroughly if possible. 

• Don’t forget to discard wet carpet padding if necessary. 

Dealing With Water-Damaged Carpeting 

Water damage could be very harmful and life-threatening at times. Prevent this from happening Best carpet clean will help in handling all of your cleaning carpet needs. 

We will make sure that everything is taken care of— from evaluating to salvaging carpet whenever possible. Feel free to give us a ring today. 

We are available 24/7. 0424 994 922 

Water damage is catastrophic for a homeowner, as even small flooding from a burst pipe or overflowing bathtub often results in damage to a home’s  framework and eventual mould growth. A home might also suffer from a 

musty, mildew smell long after floodwater recede! There is also the cost involved in cleaning and replacing items after water damage, which causes many homeowners to wonder if they need to replace carpets and other such items. 

If a carpet has been wet for 72 hours or longer, consider replacing it and especially if it has added layers of padding underneath. Mould often takes no longer than 72 hours to form and spread and can be difficult to clean thoroughly after that time. However, a professional water damage restoration company can often salvage carpets with proper cleaning. 

There is no cut-and-dried timeframe for when you want to consider replacing rather than cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture after a flood. However,  you might consider some vital information about water damage restoration and flood cleanup, as well as fire damage restoration, so you know the best method of returning your home to a like-new condition! Be sure to discuss these options with a water damage restoration company near you, as they can offer helpful advice and tips on how to restore your home in particular. 

Should You Replace Carpets After Water  Damage? 

Before you start pulling up carpets or head out to rent a shop vacuum to extract floodwaters on your own, note some vital reasons to call a water damage restoration company for help. This can also help you determine if you should replace carpets after water damage or if rugs, upholstered furniture, and other materials and surfaces around your home are salvageable. 

• Homemade tips and solutions such as adding baking soda to wet carpets and blotting with fresh towels are usually insufficient for ensuring carpets are cleaned and dried thoroughly. 

• A shop vacuum is also typically ineffective at removing water underneath carpeting and its underlying padding, and for water absorbed by a home’s subflooring, drywall, and wall studs. 

• Pulling up carpets allows the underside to dry thoroughly and ensures that floorboards and padding also dry completely. Pulling up rugs also allows you to inspect and examine them for mould, mildew, and other growth.

• Once carpet padding has dried onto the home’s subflooring and begins to crumble, it often needs replacing. 

• Removing water from carpeting is also insufficient for ensuring you avoid mould growth and other long-term damage. Instead, you must remove excess humidity and moisture from the air and a  home’s subflooring. Water damage restoration contractors monitor humidity levels after a flood and ensure all excess water is removed as needed. 

• Many homeowners make the mistake of leaving behind excess water after cleaning their home’s carpeting, which leads to an even greater risk of mould growth! A flood restoration contractor ensures all rinse water is removed and carpets are as dry as possible after cleaning. 

• Even after a thorough cleaning, you might notice lingering odours.  Carpet deodorisers you purchase at home improvement stores often just mask these odours rather than eliminate them, while professional odour elimination removes those smells entirely. 

• Since it’s typically recommended that you pull up carpets to inspect the home’s subflooring for water damage, you might simply replace damaged or flooded carpet padding rather than the carpet itself. This offers a clean and dry surface along those floorboards and less risk of trapped moisture and resultant mould growth. New padding might also offer added thickness underfoot, for great comfort and sound insulation! 

Tips for Avoiding Carpet Mold After Water  Damage 

Before you assume that carpets need replacing after water damage or that mould growth is inevitable, you might note some tips for avoiding carpet mould after a flood, burst pipe, or other such incidents in your home. It’s also helpful to note safe ways of removing water and cleaning those carpets and other areas of the home, without making water damage and resultant mould growth worse! 

• Be sure you stop water at its source! Don’t assume that because floodwaters are not rising that they’re receding or that the source of a  flood has stopped. Close off entryway doors with rolled-up towels to stop outside floodwaters and turn off water valves inside the home to stop water from burst pipes and other plumbing fixtures.

• While it’s good to increase air circulation around damp areas, avoid using strong fans that might blow dirty or contaminated water into other areas of the home. Open windows in the flooded room but keep doors closed as much as possible, to contain that water and any resultant mould growth. Aim fans out those open windows. 

• Use heavy-duty dehumidifiers in the area and empty them often. This will remove excess water without circulating it. 

• Keep carpeting pulled up even after floorboards and the underside of that carpet is dry to the touch. This ensures that the carpet, padding,  floors, and other surfaces are dry completely, reducing the risk of mould growth. 

• Use sanitizing solutions to clean drywall and baseboards, to kill mould developing behind the walls and along with the drywall, and to keep germs and bacteria from spreading to other areas in the home. 

• Never use your everyday vacuum cleaner on damp carpeting as this only gets the inside of the vacuum wet, creating the risk of mould and mildew inside that appliance! Use a shop vacuum to remove residual water and ensure carpeting is fully dry before using your home’s vacuum cleaner.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Your Home After Water  Damage 

The best choice a homeowner can make for ensuring their house is clean and pristine after a flood or another water damage is to call a water damage restoration company near you! Even if you do rely on a professional for water damage cleanup and restoration, you might still note a few mistakes to avoid after a flood, spill, or other such accident in the home. 

The first tip is to avoid using products that simply mask odours. You might be tempted to spray air fresheners or use scented carpet products but a musty or mildew smell is often a sign of mould and mildew underneath the carpet;  covering over that smell can mean ignoring growing and developing mould!  Have a professional inspect the carpets and underlying padding for damage and mould growth and then apply an odour neutralizer if needed. 

It’s also good to avoid using vinegar on carpet stains or areas of water damage. Vinegar often leaves behind an unpleasant, acidic scent that lingers for weeks if not longer! Plain baking soda helps to absorb some small spots of water damage, but for larger areas of pooling water and especially if the water looks and smells dirty, it’s better to rely on a professional. 

How to Avoid Water Damage in the Home 

The best way to keep carpets clean and ensure you avoid mould growth is to stop floodwaters before they even start! To keep outside floodwaters from entering the home, roll up towels and push them up against the bottom of entryway doors. Burst pipes are a common cause of inside floods, so be sure you leave a faucet dripping during cold winter months so that water doesn’t freeze and expand inside a plumbing pipe. 

Overflowing bathtubs and toilets are also a common reason for needing water damage cleanup in a home. If your home suffers from persistent clogs in the bathtubs, showers, and toilets, have a plumber clean out the pipes or inspect them for damage. Cracked pipes outside the home allow dirt and other debris to settle inside, leading to clogs and overflowing fixtures, while a buildup of  “gunk” along interior pipes also results in persistent clogs. 

carpet cleaning best carpet cleaning

Homeowners often don’t realize that fire damage also leads to water damage in a home, simply due to the copious amounts of water used to extinguish ablaze! Use caution if you smoke inside your home and while using the kitchen’s stovetop. It’s also vital to ensure your fireplace chimney is clean and that everyone in the home exercises cautions when using the fireplace.

Related Questions 

Why does a carpet smell bad after cleaning? 

If you’ve cleaned your home’s carpets after water damage but notice a bad odour, you might have left behind some rinse water or detergent. Bad odours also typically signal mould or mildew growth. A professional water damage restoration contractor can clean carpets thoroughly and apply odour neutralisers, for a hygienic home that smells fresh and clean! 

What is mould remediation and how is it different from mould cleanup? 

Mould remediation refers to monitoring an area for factors that increase the risk of mould growth; mould cleanup removes excess mould after it forms.  Mould remediation after water damage cleanup helps to stop mould from forming and spreading and avoid the expense of cleanup and repairs.

Why is a carpet lighter after water damage cleaning? 

Professional water damage restoration removes layers of dirt and grime left behind after a flood, including dirt, mud, and dust already trapped in the carpeting! A home’s carpets might then appear lighter simply because they’ve  been restored to their original colour, not because the cleaning has dyed their  fibres or otherwise changed their appearance 

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