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Free quotes for Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning in Sydney, NSW with Best Carpet Clean ! 5 star reviewed, 100% guaranteed, child & pet safe products! Call today! Our philosophy is simple: to give you safe, effective, and affordable Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning services in Sydney. We offer reliable cleaning services such as carpet, upholstery, and much more to take care of your home or office and make it healthier and happier. Contact us now for a free consultation!
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Sydney Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning That You Can Trust

If you are looking for a quality Sydney carpet cleaning service that you can trust, look no further than Best Carpet Cleaning. We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs, and our experienced and certified technicians will work diligently to ensure that your carpets are clean and fresh. We use the latest technology and equipment to get the job done right, and we always strive to provide outstanding customer service. Discover many of the reasons our clients maintain trusting our carpet cleaning work in Sydney, New South Wales, and surrounding areas:
Our transparent pricing and upfront costs give you the peace of mind of knowing you will pay only what we quoted initially.
Always on time, trusted, friendly, and dependable!
Absolute professionalism makes us fastidious about treating our clients' homes and families as we do our own. We go well beyond their expectations.

Let's Discuss About Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

No guesswork here. We have provided a detailed description of the procedure of our carpet cleaning process, so you know what to expect.

Deep steam cleaning facts! 

Also commonly referred to as hot  water extraction 


Steam cleaning and dry cleanings are the most commonly used cleaning methods for your carpets, upholstery, rugs, mattress, car interiors and many more. We shall go with which one is always a topic of long debate. Because all cleaning methods are not equal, and all are directly or indirectly affected by various factors such as humidity level, children and pets presence, traffic and many others. So to uphold virginity and to maintain a clean and healthy indoor living environment you should know the following facts about steam cleaning. 

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FACT 1 – Over 90% of Professional Cleaners use Steam Cleaning (Hot  Water Extraction Method) as their primary method for carpet, upholstery, rug and another cleaning. 

FACT 2 – Nearly all carpet and rug manufacturers and fibre producers prefer  Steam Cleaning as a treatment for soil problems. 

FACT 3 – Steam is considered the most economical form for pest control as well as it is safe for children and pets. 

FACT 4 – This is the only cleaning method classified as the “deep cleaning method”. Others are considered as “light surface cleaning methods” because they are incapable of removing soil deep in the pile. 

FACT 5 – The Steam Cleaning method maintains the colour and the texture of the cleaned objects the same as it before. 

FACT 6 – You can treat a surface as often as you like because the water vapour leaves no residue and won’t damage it. 

FACT 7 – Steam Cleaning contributes to a comparative healthier indoor environment by extracting soil, pollutants, allergens and sources of bacteria and odour to the outside. 

FACT 8 – This cleaning method doesn’t require isolating or closing off rooms during or after treatment. 

FACT 9 – With a high temperature of steam at more than 100° Celsius, this method is extremely effective for viruses, germs and bacteria. 

FACT 10 – Some people believe that high-temperature steam harms the fabric of the cleaning object, it’s just a rumour. The steam cleaning method is scientifically proven and safe for cleaning. 

FACT 11 – The Steam Cleaning method with powerful vacuum suction removes the greatest percentage of pet odour which is a very common problem in multi-layered carpets and rugs. 

FACT 12 – Steam cleaning is a highly environment-friendly cleaning method compared to “Dry Cleaning”. It avoids the use of harmful cleaning chemicals which contain strong solvents and may be harmful if used improperly. 

FACT 13 – This process consists of spraying a solution of water and detergent and recovering the water and soil with a powerful vacuum into a  holding tank. This holding tank stores the whole west and saves the surrounding environment. 

FACT 14 – Other methods leave large amounts of cleaning agents after cleaning. But it uses Truck-mounted adsorb system which is more powerful than portable units. 

FACT 15 – The truck-mounted system is preferred because the dirty air and humidity are exhausted outside rather than re-circulated around the house. 

FACT 16 – Due to its “Balanced Vacuum Procedure,” its downtime after cleaning treatment is nearly between 4 to 6 hours. 

FACT 17 – This method is very versatile, it delivers optimum results for carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtains and blinds cleaning,  mattress cleaning, car interior cleaning and many more. 

FACT 18 – Steam Cleaning is the most cost-effective method. 

Maintenance and Prevention  are better than cure, and 


saves your valuable assets in the long run! 

What are some common  questions we get asked 

How much does carpet cleaning cost? 

At Best Carpet Clean our steam cleaning services vary, so we give estimates over the phone or via email. Our price estimates are based on descriptions or photos with some set price options. We also rely on the information provided to ensure the best value and best service we can offer. 

How often should we get our carpets cleaned? 

This Is one question I always get asked. Many variables determine cleaning frequency. In general, it’s good practice to have your carpets professionally cleaned  

once a year. However, where high traffic is present in commercial settings and households with children or pets some may find getting a professional every 4-6 months keeps things neat as well as fresh and Hygenic. 

How do you clean the carpets ourselves if there is an accident? 

Best Carpet Clean recommend it’s best to clean spills immediately by blotting area only. Avoid scrubbing and it’s recommended to use a damp white Terry cloth with cold 

water only. We don’t recommend using any over the counter products as this could lead to damaging carpets and creating a barrier between the stain and our chances of  

vI7rR9DjQompQBzNnevrRgiohCJIA6qBSbsKthVPmPgBXha8uej548l0hWXI3aCh9hgFJy5J5pVbEQTFhn9yumzAGZtreating it properly. 

What method do you use? 

Best Carpet Clean uses hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning. We are powered by Sapphire scientific, a 

truck mounted carpet cleaning system. This equipment uses a combination of hot water, high pressure, and a powerful vacuum to remove dirt & harmful pollutants from your carpet. Then we deodorize to make your carpet fresh and clean. Cleaning is done by professionals certified by the  IICRC. Most manufacturer’s warranties required this method of cleaning to keep in good standing. 


How long will it take my carpet to dry? 

Carpet usually takes between 4–12 hours to dry. When we leave, your carpets will be slightly damp to the touch. Effects on drying time include weather, relative humidity levels and type and condition of the carpet. On a wet or cold day, it will take longer to dry. 

To decrease drying time, keep the temperature at a  comfortable level, use a fan and on a nice day open up the house; leaving your house closed up will extend drying time. 

Why is a truck-mounted steam cleaning better than a rental or home unit? 

For emergency spot removal and maintenance, a rental cleaner can be useful, however, it will not replace the deep clean provided by a truck-mounted system. Hot water pressure and vacuum power provided from a truck-mounted system provide a deeper clean, sanitizing your carpet and killing the dust mites and bacteria. The equipment used is well-maintained and cared for by trained technicians with no risk of carpet damage, over-wetting or improper use of cleaning solutions that could result in resolving issues. We  use professional equipment with powerful suction and  professional products used in the right sequence to leave  your carpets ph balanced so you won’t have these issues

Should I vacuum before the cleaner arrives? 

Yes, you should vacuum your carpet at least once or twice a  week. If you have pets or children, you should vacuum more often. With our “standard service” a “pre-vac” is included. 

Will you move furniture? 

We clean open areas around your furniture with basic furniture moving, (i.e. small coffee tables, chairs, ottomans)  with our base price. If you prefer to have furniture moved, let us know, and we will provide a quote with this included as an additional service. Please advise your carpet cleaning technician about any special requests before they begin working. (Such as weak legs, loose tops, etc.) 

Note: Carpet Care Cleaning & Restoration will not move furnishings that are too heavy, awkward, costly, or delicate to move. (i.e. – china cabinets and/or fine china,  entertainment centres). 

How long does it take to complete professional carpet cleaning?

The amount of time it takes for carpet cleaning depends on how dirty the carpets are, how much furniture is to be moved, cleaned under, blocked or tabbed, and which services are being performed. The technicians can cover approximately 1000 square feet of carpet per hour. 

Do you guarantee that all spots and stains will be removed? 

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee every stain will be removed. Our technicians will try their best to remove every stain, but sometimes the stains will return. It may look like a  stain is gone, but then it wicks up from the bottom and reappears. Sometimes a spill is caught between the carpet and the padding, and 2-3 hours after having the carpet cleaned, it returns. Our team will gladly come back, free of charge, and re-try to clean the stain within 14 days of your service. 

Will carpet cleaning remove fleas from my carpet? 

No, carpet cleaning is a good secondary measure after professional extermination of pests (i.e. fleas, bed bugs, 

roaches, etc.). We suggest having your home bombed and treated both before having your carpets steam cleaned. The steam from the hot water extraction will kill the eggs,  but the living fleas will get away, and then return if you do not have pest control professionals treat the house. 

How soon can I walk on the carpeted floors after they have been cleaned? 

You can walk on your carpet almost immediately after we leave as long as you are wearing some sort of clean house shoes. Heavy foot traffic is suggested to be avoided until your carpets are dry. The bottom of your feet could be slick,  so caution is needed when transitioning from damp carpet areas to any other surface. 

What do I need to do  before getting them  


Generally, you should pick up loose items off the floor. Toys,  books and breakables should be put away. Relocate any small pieces of furniture such as dining room chairs,  magazine racks, etc from the areas to be cleaned before we arrive.

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We believe in a job well done the first time! Read more about why we are the top carpet cleaning in Sydney, reviews to find out if we are the right fit for your local needs!

Maud Moss

“I would like to graciously thank the wonderful carpet cleaner that went to my home in Sydney’s North Shore and undertaken such a professional job. All of the task was done swiftly and thoroughly at prices that were actually inexpensive for the amount of work that was done. Can happily recommend to friends and family – Here’s a 5-star such a job well done!”

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