Best Carpet Cleaning Sydney - The Famous 7 step Carpet cleaning process

Best Carpet Cleaning Sydney - The Famous 7 step Carpet cleaning process

Pre-inspection - Before working on carpet fibres, it's essential to create a strategic plan for the inspection. This process allows our specialists to get down to the heart of our customer's needs and preferences. Thus, it also gives us the necessary time to work with them.

Pre-vacuum carpet removing - All dry soils and hair and dust particles are vacuumed away with a pile sensing function. The rotating brush powerhead eliminates extensive wear and tear from your freshly cleaned carpets.

Pre-spray - Pre-spray with the best, safest and most effective products available. We allow 10-15 minutes of dwell time before agitation for best results. We use products that are family-friendly and safe for babies and pets. Our products are wool-safe and environmentally conscious.

Carpet Agitation - Carpet Agitation with a soft-bristled rotary scrubbing machine or counter-rotating brush in heavily trafficked or severely soiled areas. Also, treat any known spot stains or problem areas, pet stains, protein stains from blood, foods, or other accidents and spills.

Steam cleaning process - The steam cleaning process (HOT WATER EXTRACTION) is a well-known and most effective carpet cleaning method. It thoroughly cleans and rinses your carpets apart from the immersion of chemicals and the subsequent chemicals avoidance of rapid re-soiling. Additionally, the steam it reaches up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit cleans and rejuvenates and sanitises your carpets! The most highly recommended carpet cleaning method is utilised with 90% of the fibres in your carpets. Some delicate and exotic fibres are typically used in some rugs, including viscose, silk, bamboo, and sisal, and some other carpet fibres that can NOT be washed or steam cleaned. We can also perform VLM-very low moisture methods, using bonnet dry cleaning and encapsulation.

Carpet protection and prevention - A brief overview of how to protect against any potential spills, because not all content online about how to treat a stain or attempt to wash an area is the ideal method to prevent possible drips from becoming a problem! Also, talk about cleaning methods. We can now apply a fibre guard protection (Scotchguard).

Carpet grooming - Carpet grooming with a carpet rake on plush pile carpets or where the protection has been applied thoroughly and evenly coated the fibres to neutralise any cleaning nap marks.